reviews: nails inc. bling it on rocks

Nails Inc. has just come out with a DIY manicure kit, which is available at Sephora for $25. Each kit comes with a mini size Kensignton Caviar top coat, a mini size of Black Taxi, and two little pots of their bling it on glitters in a dark silver/black shade and a metallic holographic rainbow shade. The kit also provides a brush to remove excess glitter from the nails and a tray for you to put the glitter into when applying it onto your nails and catch any leftover fallout.



Here are the instructions provided by Nails Inc on how to achieve the best results with the Bling it On Rocks kit:


1. Pour a small amount of your chosen Bling it on Rocks into the application tray.

2. Apply one coat of Black Taxi nail polish to one nail.

3. Gently press your polished nail into the glitter whilst the polish is wet. Roll finger side to side to ensure nail is fully coated.

4. Gently press the glitter with your finger to secure it to the polish.

5. Dust off any glitter from your fingers, using the enclosed dusting brush.

6. Repeat on all nails

7. Finish with one coat of Kensington caviar top coat to seal in the effect

8. Pour any remaining glitter from the tray back into the pot using the painted end of the application tray.

Now, let me just start off by saying that this kit follows the same idea as the Ciate DIY Caviar and Velvet nails. In my humble opinion, they are definitely making money out of something you could achieve with glitter bought at your local dollarstore or craft store. Nail bloggers and technicians have been using this technique for quite some time, and there are several Youtube tutorials available on how to recreate the look.

I also found the process very messy. I did use the brush from the kit to try to remove the excess glitter from my nails but it did not work out really well. I had to wait for the polish to dry completely and then wash my hands in the sink to get rid of the excess glitter on my fingertips. The tray provided in the kit also makes it very hard to transfer any leftover glitter back into the jars, and you just end up wasting the product. Now, this would definitely happen with pretty much any type of glitter. My point is that if I’m going to waste the product during the cleanup, I might as well buy the cheaper stuff at the craft store.

When applying the top coat as suggested by the instructions in the kit, the glitter definitely stays in place much better than without a top coat, but it also compromises the “bling” look. The final results look almost identical to their 3D glitter nail polishes.

Also, actual glitter nail polish is a pain to remove as it is. I actually did not have a hard time removing the glitter/nail polish from my nails because it was already chipped 6 hours after applying it. All I had to do was peel off the polish and it all came off in one piece. I don’t think this is a good sign. At least if you’re someone who prefers long wearing polishes. Good for people that change their polishes every other day.

Overall I would not recommend this product, unless you have the money to splurge. No, nevermind. Even if you had the money, I’d recommend that you just keep that to yourself.

Final Score: 3/10


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